Exterior Lighting Controls

Dear Maintenance Men,
It won’t be long before we need to change our clocks for Daylight Saving.  I’m a bit concerned about the lights at my apartment building.  I have various fixtures, sensors and timers, not one of which turns on the lights at the same time. Some don’t turn off or on at all.  Any suggestions?

Dear Burt:
There are two ways to effectively control exterior lighting:
1:  A timer clock.
2:  A photocell for detecting light and dark
Both time clocks and photocells have been around forever. We prefer to activate landscape lighting with a photocell as it is virtually maintenance free.  A photocell will ensure the property has light only when it is needed and turn off automatically with the approach of daylight.  Be sure the photocell located where it can “see” ambient light and not near an artificial light source.

A time clock needs constant attention in order to keep up with the changing seasons and adjustments for longer or shorter nights.  There is nothing more frustrating than seeing the property all lit up at 5pm and it only gets dark at 7pm or even worse; the lights turn on at 7pm and it has been dark since 5pm.  Remember: the safety of your residents is at its greatest risk when it is dark and the lights are out.